Makheila MacDonald

Makheila has loved animals ever since she was a little girl. She grew up with dogs and cats in her family and always felt that she had a connection with them. From a young age, she would care for friend's and family's animals while they were gone. Since graduating, she has found peace and happiness from working with dogs. The sheer freedom of taking dogs out on hikes in this beautiful scenery has been one of the greatest joys in her life. 


At the University of California, Davis, Makheila studied Animal Science with a concentration in Companion and Captive Animals. She acquired knowledge of animal biology, nutrition, and behavior. Through time and experience, she’s developed a strong belief in positive reinforcement as the most effective training method for animals. 


After graduating from Davis, with a Bachelor of Science degree, Makheila moved up to Truckee to live the outdoor adventure lifestyle. More recently, she has developed a devotion to helping others find the most biologically appropriate diet for their dogs and cats. She has found that nutrition may be directly correlated to behavior in animals. With her own cats, Jedi and Zion, she has seen a drastic improvement in their health compared to cats her family had growing up. She has also received validation from many customers that she helped during her time managing the Pet Station in Truckee. She would offer her knowledge to anyone who asks for the information. 


Makheila is so excited to have joined this team of individuals at Buddy who are dedicated to the safety, wellbeing, and happiness of the dogs. 

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