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Dog Pack Outing - Exercise & Playgroups

A tired dog is a good dog!

  • 2 hours
  • $50-70
  • on trails

Service Description

We offer up to three morning exercise groups every weekday and most of the weekends. The groups are thoughtfully selected to combine dogs with similar play style and to create packs in which each dog can thrive, learn, and have the best possible experience. We take your pup on a 2 hour long adventure on remote trails and according to the dog pack and season we are either hiking, running, mountain biking or skiing. The groups are closely supervised and we focus on reinforcing good manners and trail etiquette. We usually pick up between 8-9am in the morning and drop off between 11am-12pm, noon group pick up is between 12-1pm and drop off 3-4pm. Our service area is 7 miles from our Buddy base in Prosser, 10494 Iris Rd. Depending on the distance we increase the fee as followed: $51 / 7-9miles, $56 / 9-11miles, $61 / 11-13miles, $66/ 15-17miles. Pick up/drop off is included. Before adding your dog to one of these groups, Lilith conducts a 1-1.5 hour assessment, billed at her hourly rate of $90/hour, to evaluate the social skills and recall of your dog to select the right setting and pack.

Cancellation Policy

24 hours

Contact Details

+ (541)977-1566

Buddy Dog Training & Care, Iris Rd, Truckee, CA, USA

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