Tasha Rose Birdsong

Administration Assistant

Tasha has always connected deeply to animals both wild and domestic. She grew up in California around lots of animals at her Aunt’s veterinary clinic and took care of people’s pets growing up. That later led to her making a profession out of it, running a dog walking and pet sitting business for many years in Portland, Oregon. She eventually aimed her focus to wildlife and worked as a wildlife biologist out of the Carson Ranger District, which also brought her back to California.

After the presidential election in 2016, Tasha felt a strong call to connect back to her healing roots and reset her focus on expanding her toolbox to help others connect to their own healing. She studied sacred plant and Earth medicine while working as a wellness specialist at New Moon Natural Foods in Truckee. In 2019, Tasha and her husband Juan Carlos welcomed their sun Levi into this world. As a Mom raising a child in the chaos of a pandemic and shaky economy, Tasha was on the lookout for flexible work when she learned that Lilith was looking for administration assistance for Buddy. It was a perfect match. 

Tasha now writes for Buddy’s Facebook page, newsletters, and emails learning and letting creativity flow. She and Juan are working to raise Levi to be animal savvy and he gets lots of practice with his patient Great Dane mix Kiddo, kitty Sage Hazelwood, and Bunz his bunny. Animals will always play an important role in her life and Tasha delights in being part of an amazing team of kind, intelligent humans who care for animals just as much as she does.

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