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Buddy Dog Training & Care was founded in 2017 by Lilith Erlenbusch with the intent to provide excellent training and care for dogs and their handlers. Lilith specializes in training puppies and reactive dogs. Team Buddy offers daily two-hour off-leash outings for packs of 4-6 dogs within our local mountain geography. Buddy treats all dogs with respect, dignity, and love. Your dog will be treated as if it would be ours. 



Lilith and the team at Buddy Dog Training & Care have been a true delight to work with. As first time puppy owners we were looking for guidance and knowledge to help give us the tools we need to confidently raise a well adjusted and socialized dog. Lilith's assistance with everything from basic training to our puppy behavior challenges, have been reassuring and so incredibly helpful. Lilith is professional, caring and has a wonderful way with dogs. The puppy socialization outings that she and her team have created are the best in town! Every dog should be so lucky to have such an experience. We are so very grateful to Lilith and cannot recommend Buddy Dog Training enough!

Jim & Amy Easterbrook Truckee, CA

Lilith and the Buddy team have made massive strides with our reactive, anxious rescue. Before beginning training, we couldn't bring Maia near other dogs, hike off leash, or enjoy our daily walks. After meeting our dog, Lilith immediately started a reactivity program and we've seen immediate changes in Maia. She's more confident on the leash, enjoys time outside exploring her environment, and even attends the weekly exercise pack outings with other dogs - something I couldn't have imagined 2 months ago. I can't thank & recommend the Buddy team enough!

  Madison Southwick, Truckee CA


I cannot express my gratitude enough. Your expertise has quite literally saved us. We are now set to roll in to our forever town, armed with an arsenal of positive reinforcement knowledge and a confident pup, whom we are able to communicate with reliably. You have given us an abundant gift. Thank you so very much💕Looking forward to seeing you in July!

Anje Lockhart, Logan, Cole & Devi Anne, Truckee CA

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