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Emily Guilding


Emily grew up in Gloucestershire, UK on a farm in the beautiful Cotswold's region. As you would expect from such a rural upbringing, she spent her childhood surrounded by animals – dogs, cats, cows, horses, chickens, geese. She was riding ponies before she could walk and by the age of 8 was competing in showjumping and eventing every weekend. For her 12th birthday she was given six bantam chicks. These chickens became her best friends, following her everywhere, sitting on her shoulder and hanging out in the farmhouse kitchen!



Emily continued to train and compete horses up until she left home to go to University where she studied Geography. After University, spurred by her love for the natural environment she became an environmental consultant, working with organizations to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact. She loved working for this cause but after several years in an office and living in a city she yearned for something else, a more adventurous and exciting life. So why not join a wingwalking team?!


Emily became a member of the world’s only formation wing walking team, based in the UK and performing at airshows all over the world. She would perform gymnastics on top of a biplane flying aerobatics through the sky. She spent 5 thrilling years travelling the world getting a unique perspective on the places she visited - from the wing of a biplane. This is how she met her husband Rex and after a whirlwind transatlantic romance she found herself with bags packed on her way to join Rex in California. They lived on the edge of Yosemite National Park spellbound by its natural beauty, spending their free time climbing, skiing, hiking and kayaking in the Sierra’s. Since welcoming their daughter Willow into the world they have moved to Truckee, drawn by the outdoorsy community and surrounding mountains.



Emily has a natural affinity with animals and loves spending time getting to know different dogs and their personalities. She enjoys exploring the local trails and is excited to share this with the dogs on their Buddy outings. She likes to instill good behavior with a kind, fun-loving nature and knows that a well behaved and happy dog is a joy to have around. She excited to join Buddy's wonderful team helping dogs to live their happiest, healthiest lives!

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