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Liz Stinson

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Liz formed a unique relationship with animals from the moment she was born. Early on, her crib was shared by her big white cat, Baby while 3 dogs, two Dachshund’s named Weiner and Barron, and a German Shepherd named Chuck, followed her every move. Liz’s pets became her constant companions and greatest confidants. Through the years a real sense of joy developed alongside each connection with her animals and others’. 



As a young adult, Liz lived with two rambunctious but lovable Pit Bulls, Diva and Disco, and a Tuxedo cat called Romeo who was a real character. Liz would often be stopped while walking the three of them together as people just could not believe what they were seeing. Her ability to bond with animals of all types, shapes, and sizes comes from her colorful background of owning and caring for many types and breeds of dogs and animals.


In 2007 Liz moved to the Truckee/Tahoe area to escape her high-stress job in real estate finance, trading a cubicle for an A-frame cabin in the trees. Being outdoors and in nature feeds Liz’s soul and drives her spirit. Always energetic and ready to go, Liz makes the most of each moment in the woods, on the ski hill, or in the lake. 


She began volunteering at the Truckee/Tahoe Humane Society. Her time volunteering was spent with dog walks, activities/stimulation, quiet time, bonding, basic training skills, kennel cleaning, cat play, and neonatal training. All with the focus of finding these animals their fur-ever homes. Liz would even foster animals at her home from time to time. Her pet now (and the apple of her eye) Maeby, the grey and white Goddess cat herself, was adopted from here. She, too, enjoys walks with Liz and can be seen in her matching harness and leash set walking down the street or trotting through the woods. At HSTT she developed her toolbox working with animal cues and awareness. She brings these same skills and focus of canine happiness, health, and safety into every group outing with Buddy Dog Care today.


Working in the Tahoe/Truckee hospitality industry since 2007, Liz has acquired a passion for cultivating positive interpersonal relationships. Relationships with both people and animals alike. Her ability to think fast on her feet makes her highly adaptable in all kinds of situations. Whether it’s a buck rushing to the river with a pack of 9 dogs by her side or managing a lakefront restaurant with 350 people sat for dinner on the 4th of July in Tahoe, you can trust that Liz has the skills it takes to get the job done.


In 2018 Liz took a break from managing restaurants full time in order to pursue her dream of teaching, going back to school as a full-time student, working towards her degree in History, Education, and Anthropology. Her hope is to one day teach history to our local high school community members. She continued to work in restaurants part-time while taking a full load of college classes until the pandemic occurred in 2020. Already ready for change and with the fortunate ability to continue classes online, Liz began to help friends and neighbors out with pet visits, dog-walks, and house-sitting as people began going back to work. June of 2021 is when Liz met Lilith through a mutual connection and became fast friends as they bonded over their mutual love of animals. Liz’s previous experiences and enthusiasm meshed perfectly with Lilith’s business and personal philosophies. After several talks together, Lilith was able to turn a spontaneous side job into a viable work option with Buddy Dog Training & Care that is also conducive to Liz’s continued studies.


Sharing the outdoors and building a relationship with each of the animals Liz works with fills her soul with gratitude and beauty. She takes this energy into everything she does and spreads it around for all to enjoy. Liz applies 100% effort, enthusiasm, and experience into each dog pack outing with Buddy. She will bond with them as they frolic in nature, as intended. Under her loving care and watchful eye, your animals will have an interactive experience in the wilderness with your dog’s safety and well-being as Liz’s top priority.

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