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A Letter To My Clients

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Dear Buddy Clients,

Between pandemic puppies and more full-time residents around here, Buddy has been growing!

We are now a team of six dedicated and dog-loving professionals, serving ~200 clients. What hasn’t changed is our dedication to the health, safety, and well-being of your dog : )

Every team member knows about every dog

Communication is key to our success as a team. We are always keen to hear your canine concerns, and we use tools like Slack to keep every team member up to date about every dog. This has helped us to raise the quality of our offerings despite Buddy’s growth. In our regular team meetings and outings, we educate and coach each other. For example, how to carry out my training approach with an individual dog into the group outings or Jen Rafaeli sharing her experience in canine physical therapy from her sled dog years in Alaska. You can expect our professionals to share with you about your dog with suggestions regarding nutrition, training, and health; we see this as integral to our service.

A “whole-dog” approach

Team Buddy’s approach is force-free, emphasizing bonding and positive reinforcement. Our team members evaluate the weight and health of your dog regularly. We monitor the behavior of your dog since it delivers great insight into your dog’s mental and physical health. Whenever we see important changes, we’ll tell you! With Team Alaska on board, we now offer regular nail trimming for your dog right after exercise or during the boarding with me.

Assembling the right dog pack every day

In our dog pack outings, we don’t just let them run wild! Our team reinforces good trail etiquette and basic obedience. Buddy outings include play, exploration of novelty, relaxation, and obedience. I put thought into every dog pack grouping: designing a harmonious dog pack so that every dog can engage and have fun, requires thoughtfulness!

Grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow with you

I appreciate and love my work. Each dog and human client with whom I interact is unique. The principles of learning are always the same, whether in humans and dogs, but in each case, I seek a real connection and the individual motivation that makes growth possible. It’s always an adventure! I feel I’ve grown so much since I began this journey 4 years ago. More about Buddy’s own puppy beginnings.

Lilith’s offerings

While much of my time is dedicated to scheduling harmonious dog pack outings for my teammates and organizing continued education, I’m still here engaging with clients. I personally offer one-on-one private training, group classes with a special focus on puppy socialization, obedience, and achieving behavior change for reactive dogs. You can always reach out to me with your concerns.

What really matters

The pandemic has taught me that being healthy and nurturing strong relations with our loved ones is what really matters! I am so grateful for what we have achieved as a team and for the positive relations we have with you, for the support we receive from you, and the shared joy with our four-legged friends.

I hope you and yours are well, in good health, happy, and have endured these difficult times together and united. Let’s stress less and enjoy more!

Lilith Erlenbusch

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