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Wag & Wanders Reusable Dog Poop Bag Holder product review by Liz Stinson.

Dog-waste. There is a lot of talk surrounding the culture behind how we as a community handle the dog-waste on our public trails and out in the woods. And almost certainly we have all seen a poop bag while out on a trail or along the sidewalk or even, and most sadly, next to a trash can. One thing we know about dog-waste is that it messes with the natural ecosystems to which the waste has landed upon. While we all work together to find a balancing solution to this problem I thought sharing one of my favorite tools as a professional dog-walker and personal dog lover is the Wag & Wanders Dog Poop Bag Holder. There are several types on the market but I like this one because it is inexpensive, light-weight, insulated and, easy to clean. And, I can clip it on to just about anything (yahoo! Hands free). The website says that the bag is “odor free”. It is not. But, it does mask the odor quite well. The concept of this is easy to understand: it is a dry bag for your plastic poop bags and it makes the challenge of what to do with your dog’s waste while you are out on the trails and there is no access to a garbage can. You simply add your plastic poop bag into this “dry bag”, seal it up, clip it and voila! It is contained and carried out until a trash can comes along. They even work to hold trash, adding to our Pack it in, Pack it out Truckee/Tahoe motto. This product is awesome and I will not walk without it. A link to purchase the product can be found below. 

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