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Paddle board with your Pup!

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

by Lilith Erlenbusch.

The best way to get your dog used to the paddle board is to take it slow! Some dogs love water, are good swimmers and re courageous. Others the opposite. Here are steps to success - you can always jump over one step if your dog is confident with it. Nevertheless go through them all so you really know that your dog is feeling good with it all. Only move on if the previous step is mastered.

Step Guide

  1. Keep your board in the house for a week in an area your dog is comfortable. Lift your board and walk around with it. Your dog might need to get used to the appearance.

  2. Feed your dog nearby the board. Place treats on the board and let your dog eat them. Your dog does need to get used to the feel of the board.

  3. If you want you can have special command for getting on and off on the board. Start with obedience on the board, like SIT, DOWN, STAY.

  4. Now bring some movement into training. Place your board in a way that you can move it and that your dog needs to balance on it. Practice sitting, standing and paddling on the board with your dog. ...

  5. Now it is time to head to the water. Happy Summer!

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