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Recall Training with Distractions / Long Lead Training


Positioning yourself on trailhead for example Legacy Trail/ Bridge or at a place where your dog typically fails on recall with a long lead and wait for people/dogs/distraction to show up and start working on long lead on recall. 

Find out the distance in which your dog is capable of not running up to the distraction. Stay in that distance to strengthen the capacity to disengage!!! Let your dog roam on the long lead and when she sees the distraction start recalling her the way you usually do. Repeat 10times. When you are successful 10/10 then decrease the distance. In between the repetitions add a play session with your dog, like tug of war and work on Drop it! .  

Always end with a play session with another dog 

> Practice twice a week / 30min 

You need

  • long lead

  • different reinforcer

  • toy

  • squeaky toy 

  • Pet corrector 

Feedback Loop

  • Call the name of your dog and when you see a reaction like your dog stops, or he looks at you, or he walks to you - say YES and / Reward 

  • If your dog is not responding say immediately and if he still is not responding say NO - the moment you see a reaction like like your dog stops, or he looks at you, or he walks to you - say YES and  / Reward 

  • If your dog is not responding > try to use the Squeaky Toy or Pet Corrector - if you get his attention with that say YES and do FIND IT 

FIND IT! - Emergency Recall

Start using the cue Find it! in the house and use the kibble, instead of feeding. It is as simple as this: Say FIND IT , then let kibble fall on the ground. Your dog will quickly associate that kibble or treats are on the ground when you say FIND IT. Then start using it outside too. Especially when your dog is failing to come when called. While your dog is eating the kibble you can go over and leash him. 

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