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Smoke and Buddy Dog Pack Outings

Fire season is part of life in Truckee. What follows is our policy on keeping your dogs and

ourselves safe during smoky conditions.

We us the website and IQ Air to evaluate the air quality specific to the area where outings are scheduled. We seek the healthiest and most logistically sensible location for each day.

Red - Purple Index

When the smoke level is in the red we wear masks and proceed with a cautious approach. When the smoke level is in the purple, we are likely to cancel outings.

Morning air is commonly less polluted so we will shift outings to mornings during smoky periods as possible. Shifting wind may alter the smoke situation quickly, making it hard to plan. We will bring your dog in the area with the best air quality. Flexibility by all helps us make safe and thoughtful decisions.

High risk groups

Just as young children and elders are more at risk to suffer harm from poor air quality, so too are certain dogs. This includes:

  • Any dog with asthma or bronchitis

  • Brachycephalic dogs like bulldogs, Boston terriers, and pugs

  • Puppies and senior dogs

During our outing, we will watch for signs of respiratory stress. If your pet shows symptoms, we will inform you immediately.


We might cancel outings during smoky periods. We also understand and accept cancelations for your dog without holding the cancelation fee when the smoke levels are over red.

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